Photo Shoot – Lesley Gurule

Photo Shoot - Lesley Gurule

Did some photos with actor Lesley Gurule.  She had changed her hair color and wanted to show casting agents the new look.


6 Tips for Better Photographs

I wrote a post for the Non Profit Marketing Guide blog run by Kivi Leroux Miller that was published today.

Jeff Blog Pic

Even Better Than Before

I wrote a short piece for the CSS website about an Obamacare success story.  Click the link to have a read.


A Thanksgiving Feast on the Far Rockaways

Spent the day before Thanksgiving in Far Rockways Queens with Dorothy Madison.  She runs a food pantry at the First Baptist Church and is a volunteer with my organization.

have a look at the full photo set at our facebook page

Dorothy Madison


The Affordable Care Act in NYC

A graphic I designed for the Community Service Society went out the other day.  It’s a six-page infographic explaining the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and how it works in NYC.

Music for Sal

Recently wrote some music for a campaign ad for Sal Albanese 2013. The campaign released the video today.

Reach the World

Recently I was invited to join the Board of Directors of a great non-profit organization call Reach the World.

A little about them:

“Reach the World’s vision is to build a  pipeline of globally-competent students and educators who will succeed in and steward the global community. RTW’s mission is to build our students’ college and career readiness by connecting them to volunteer mentors who are studying, working or exploring abroad. Through a structured program of online journalism, collaborative projects, and videoconferencing, our young students go on virtual journeys with their mentors – and expand their worldview and skills in the process”

Reach the World Logo